Multimode Pump Laser Diode System Kit (150W Water Cooled)


This Fiberspider system-kit contains the following items:

  • A small Fiberspider grid-kit that provides up to 9 module slots.
  • A multimode pump laser diode driver (14A 30V) that includes also the TEC-controller for the cooling plate.
  • A cooling plate with 150W of water cooling power.
  • Note: a water chiller is additionally needed and is not included in the kit.

Note: There are no laser diodes, optical fibers or fiber optic components included in the kit. These must be purchased separately from relevant manufacturers.

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Laser Diode Driver 14A 30V incl. TEC Controller 10A 20V (1 Module Slot)


Fiber Coiling for Standard Fibers (2 Module Slots)

This figure 8 shaped fiber coiling module allows to coil the fiber torsion free.


Water Cooling and Heating Plate 150W Heat Transfer (2 Module Slots)